Hemp Fabric Reusable Protective Face Mask, Red


This material is more breathable and absorbs less odor than cotton, making it a natural fit to wear over your mouth and nose.


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  • Reusable:  Hemp masks can be washed and reused.  This not only saves you money, it is good for the environment.  Keep your mask and the earth green!
  • Healthier:  Hemp is a natural antimicrobial and is not a material mold and mildew can grow on.  This is so important if you have mold or mildew allergies.
  • Environmentaly Friendly:  We already mentioned how being reusable is good for the environment.  But did you know that Hemp consumes 4 times as much CO2 than trees?  The more hemp grown the more greenhouse gasses are removed from our air.


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BrandOrgantic Wellness
Intended UseMen, Women, Unisex